Introducing: Me

I wanted to start blogging because I find myself more anxious and stressed out over breaks for some reason and I want to relieve it all by writing.

I’m only 14 years of age, but my anxiety is pretty bad. It’s been bad since 6th grade, and even more so this year.

Maybe it’s because of holidays, but my nerves are shot. I haven’t had time to take a deep breath, not tht it would help as I’ve been coughing for a week.

My parents are arguing, and they haven’t seemed to notice my disappearance into my room. Not that it’s unusual, but most of the time someone will check up on me.

I’ve only left to my room because my mom and dad like to make fun of me for the thing I enjoy. Youtube, music, and good books.

Not books like Pride and Predjudice, but books like Connor Franta’s memoir or Paper Towns or This is What Happy Looks Like. I like books that make me smile, not ones that make my brain ache so I can only read two chapters at a time.

Well I’m off to shower and watch a film so I can hopefully relax.

XOXO, GirlBloggingNow